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Cheerfully Demented - January 9th, 2008
I have the bestest friends.  I got a package today, that was sent via Spring and Dave.  Inside was a really really cool shirt - black, with the silver shadow of a British flag and two Chinese dragons arranged kinda like an infinity symbol.  Wow!  Thank you, Dave and Spring - you're the bestest.  I'd take a picture, but the shirt is already packed in my bag to take it to Rustycon this weekend.  I love you guys!
A collaboration between me and </b></a>spacekatgal .  She drew the girl, I drew the dragons and backgrounds in scribbly pencil, she cleaned up all the lines in Illustrator and colored it and added the blur effect, etc., and now I'll do a little shading.  Rarrrrr!!!

A revised version of the "Maosaurus" dinosaur statue painting, and three other paintings I did for sale at Rustycon:



"Galaxy Dragon"

"Abu Ghreib"  This one is inspired by one of the Abu Ghreib fotos.  In my version, the prisoner and torturer have almost exactly the same pose, just rotated 90 degrees.  (In the same way that Rodin's "Adam" is the same pose as Michelangelo's "Adam", rotated 90 degrees.)  Read any philosophical meanings you want into that.

Who's actually going to Rustycon -
I have down, for at least part of the con:
(amended), Brianna, Jay Lake, Adrienne, Patrick Swenson, Justin Mapes, Ken Scholes, Jenn, bhagwan, Daniel, Kelly, Linz.
I figure I'm missing a bunch of people off my list (in my cold-addled stupor).  Who else is in?

On Saturday I'm on a panel at Rustycon about "Other Worlds."  I'd prefer not to have to spend the whole time talking about how boring it would be to go to another planet, only to find out that it's just like earth, and the aliens are just like us.

What are your favorite "other worlds"?  Alien planets with interesting ecologies, or astronomical attributes?  Or bizarre new world recently discovered by astronomers?

I think of Mesklin, from Hal Clement's "Mission of Gravity," a very oblate world with relatively low grav at the poles (3 g) and high grav at the equator (700 g, later recalculated to be 275 g).

Your favorite? 

I added a whole bunch of shading and stuff to the piece that Brianna and I were working on.  I think it's done now.
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